Well Drilling

Two Decades of Well Drilling Service

During the 20 years that Neyens Well Drilling has been in business, we have created wells for every kind of client, under all sorts of conditions and in every type of terrain the area has to offer. We use the most current equipment in the industry, and we continually study well drilling’s best practices so we can keep our service modern and competitive. Our experience and dedication to quality tools and techniques translates to the most efficient and reliable well service the world has to offer — all right here in Perham, Minnesota.

Wells, Irrigation Wells & Additional Services

Our work with wells extends beyond drilling them. We also offer high-quality pumps and tanks to help you get the most from your investment in your land, and ensure you always have high quality water no matter how far away from the city you live. We provide free estimates, plus we guarantee the quality of our work and equipment and back them with earnest warranties

Whether you want a dependable source of water for your home or business, whatever its size, or wish to irrigate your field with a trustworthy source of water, our wells will perform and satisfy your needs. Neyens Well Drilling is the end-all answer for all of your water needs.

Well Drilling

A well system must be properly constructed in order to produce a reliable supply of good, clean water. Neyens Well Drilling can design a system that best suits the topography and geology of your property, produces enough water to suit your requirements, is easily accessed for service and meets all regulations.

Installation and Pumping

When installing a well pump, it is important to have the work completed by a company that knows what they are doing.

Well Surging

If your well fails to produce water like it once did, Neyens may be able to rehabilitate it with well surging. Well surging involves the repeatedly injecting and flushing water out of the well system with the goal of washing away debris that may be causing blockage.

Pump, Tank & System Sales

Neyens Well Drilling carries the pumps, pressure tanks and systems you need for the delivery of clean, reliable water in your home or business, including controllers, accessories and more. If we don’t have what you need, we can order it in.

Repairs & Replacement

Neyens provides the comprehensive repairs and replacement services you can rely on to keep your system working at peak performance.


Pressure Boosting

Is low or varying water pressure causing problems for you, such as a slow-to-fill toilet, trickling tap or shower, or inefficient irrigation? Pressure boosting can get you back in the flow of things. Contact Neyens for more information.

It’s Not a Well Job Done, but a Well Done Job!

We are proud of the way that our fully licensed, bonded, and insured company has provided for the Perham, MN area’s water needs for over 20 years. To learn more about our well solutions, and for a free quote, please call us at (218) 346-9355 (WELL) or email us at neyenswell@arvig.net.


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